During my Peace Corps service, I’ve found time to travel all over Nicaragua. These are some guides with the stories of the places I’ve been. Would you like to add a post to the list? Let’s talk.

The Beach Town of Jiquilillo (via my old blog)
Cosiguina Volcano, a breathtaking Crater Lake:
Part 1: Matagalpa to Chinandega
Part 2: Potosí, Chinandega
Part 3: The hike up to the unforgettable view of 3 countries

How an Estelí Cigar Tour Rekindled my Mexican Memories
Tisey Reserve: Camp GLOW for girls 2016

Caramanchel Night Club

Apoyo Lagoon: The Lifeguard in Jeans
Hope Bilingual Academy (perfect for a service trip!)

Hiking Cerro Musún, Rio Blanco
Hiking Peñas Blancas

Somoto Canyon (via my old blog)

RAAS (Caribbean Coast) 
A Budget Travel Guide to the Big & Little Corn Islands
Adele: The Sweetheart of Big Corn Island

Rio San Juan
Painters’ Paradise: A Guide to Nicaragua’s Solentiname Islands
The Magical Boat Ride from San Carlos to El Castillo
El Castillo:  LGBT-Friendly Guide and Interview with the owner of Border’s Café

Soma Surf Resort



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