Camp GLOW in Senegal

As we are wrapping up from our annual girls’ Camp GLOW, and our boys Camp CHACA is on the horizon, I decided to check in with one of my best friends from college, Madelyn, who is currently serving with the Peace Corps in Senegal and who has worked extensively with women’s’ empowerment projects during her service. Madelyn has been in Senegal since March 2014 working on projects ranging from organizing and supporting recycling initiatives that serve to empower local women to planning and facilitating Gem Sa Bopp, an annual empowerment camp for young Senegalese women. Madelyn and I recently chatted about her experience working with Gem Sa Bopp.

Can you talk a little about what the girls’ camp that you work with is like?

Our girls’ camp is for about fifty 13-17 year old girls who come from four regions in the north of Senegal to a local university for a week of empowerment and leadership activities. Read on for more of Ania’s post on the Gender and Development blog!


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