Maintaining a fitness routine abroad is challenging.

First, you’re probably tempted to try all of the dumplings, tiramisu, and margaritas while you travel. It’s normal for your weight to fluctuate when traveling, since it’s not every day that you eat freshly baked, flaky croissants.

Safety is another challenge. As a woman running outside, I’m always on guard. I run because I love feeling fit, present, and accomplished. Even though I was assaulted on a run abroad, I still run. My attacker thought I had an iPhone, but I didn’t have anything of value; I wore headphones to deter street harassers. In trying to avoid emotional violence, I encountered physical violence instead.

There’s also the matter of just not feeling like working out while you’re traveling! Don’t feel guilty. Seek out alternatives to working out.

If you’re the rare person who looks forward to exercising on the road or you’re starting to think the advantages of being active might outweigh your holdouts, there are so many benefits! It’s a great way to clear your head. Traveling can be exhausting, but exercising gives you a boost of energy. Maintaining a fitness routine will help you relieve stress and help you get to know new people and places!

We know exercising is important, but how do female travelers maintain their fitness routines on the road? Read my Wanderful article to find out!

Featured image by Pixabay user MemoryCatcher.


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