A Mother’s Lesson For Her Son

Last night, on my walk home here in Nicaragua, I overheard this conversation in Spanish between a young mother and her son. He must have been four years old:

Him: Where were you all day, mommy?

Her: Where was I all day? With you. I didn’t go to work so that I could spend the day with you, my love.

Him: I don’t like working.

Her: You don’t like working? Ooooh, well, we’re in trouble then. You do you like to study don’t you?

Him: Yes.

Her: Ok, that’s the most important thing. Then you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up.

And then I thought of how wonderful it would be if every child heard this. Growing up, I thought every child had parents like I did, who emphasized the importance of education. After having worked in youth education in the United States and Nicaragua, I have realized how privileged I am to have grown up in a family that valued education. 

Image by Pixabay user Unsplash.



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