Why I joined the Peace Corps: To Rethink Latin American Culture

Q. What brought about the decision to become a Peace Corps volunteer?

It seemed like a no brainier to me. Who wouldn’t want to live and work abroad for 27 months, especially after realizing how ironically unproductive and stifling the 40-hour U.S. workweek can be?

I love learning languages, and I wanted to possibly learn a new language through the Peace Corps. I didn’t learn Spanish in Nicaragua, since I’ve spoken it all my life, so knowing Spanish has allowed me to integrate and get right to work in my community more easily.

I’ve also enjoyed learning the differences between Nicaraguan and Mexican Culture.

Mexican Spanish is very different from Nicaraguan Spanish. The food is quite different. Nicaraguans don’t like spicy food, which was strange for me, since I’m used to pouring hot sauce over everything that isn’t dessert!

This excerpt is from an interview with E. Manville.
Featured image of myself with my Host Grandmother, Santos.


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