Women in Microfinance: Nicaragua

Check out my interview with a Nicaraguan artisan and learn about her microfinance experience on the Peace Corps Gender & Development Committee’s blog!

GAD Nicaragua

In my site, I always walk past a set of colorful, quirky clay piggy banks of all sizes in the park. The artisan? Abigail. She’s a strong, charismatic woman with high-set cheek bones.

I asked her about her red hat that said “Pro Mujer” on it. She smiled as she described the ways in which this microfinance organization gave her the technical training to paint and sell the piggies. Pro Mujer Nicaragua was established in 1996 as the organization’s first expansion outside of Bolivia.

Pro Mujer today serves women across 11 municipalities all over Nicaragua.

“Hablemos un poco” (Let’s chat for a bit), she said, right before my interview.

Which microfinance organizations have you worked with? 
I worked with Pro Mujer first, then Leon 2000. It was the only organization that came to my town. I didn’t know of any others organizations at the time. I worked at first with Pro Mujer in…

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