A Night in Jiquilillo

5:46 PM.

Jiquilillo, Nicaragua. It’s my own little getaway. On Saturday I stayed alone at Rancho Esperanza, my favorite beach-front hostel. It’s nice not having free wi-if so that I can decompress.

I looked out at the ocean tonight after my nap. My green, year-old Chaco sandals hung in my hands.

I felt the warm, frothy water em loping my toes as the salty breeze filled my nostrils. The sun set in a narrow, hot pink patch of sky to my right. I looked out at it, wondering if I’d catch the very moment it would vanish.

A memory sketch. Jiquilillo, Chinandega.

I stood in the wet sand, my pant legs rolled up to my knees. I looked up at the shore and noticed a few twinkling lights and their reflections in the water. I went back inside and did one of my first memory sketches in my journal.

I didn’t take a single picture during that trip. One sketch and his memory was enough.

Where have you disconnected from technology and lived in the moment?


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